The Top 5 Things to Do in South Granville

South Granville neighborhood graffiti and flowers

South Granville is a vibrant community home to a wide variety of artists, designers, entertainers, and fashion experts. They all contribute to creating an exciting area to explore. There are a whole host of other attractions in the neighborhood. You can turn your evening plans for dinner and drinks into a full day of first-class activities, shopping, and relaxation. After a wonderful day in South Granville, don’t forget to pay us a visit and sample our delicious food and drink. The Marquis Bar and Grill is home to some of the tastiest cocktails and appetizers in Vancouver. Our cozy restaurant and patio is the best stop after a long day. Now, let’s discover South Granville together!

Relax and Unwind at the Miraj Hammam Spa

South Granville is home to Canada’s first Hammam Spa for those looking for some relaxation in both body and soul. The Miraj Hammam Spa uses traditional Middle Eastern methods that provide cleansing and healing treatments. They are designed to leave you feeling like a new person. With many different steam room treatments, facials, and massages available, it’s the perfect place to pamper yourself.

Discover Local Art with the Douglas Reynolds Gallery

As well as featuring some inspiring local art murals, South Granville also houses historic and contemporary Northwest Coast Indigenous art in the Douglas Reynolds Gallery. The gallery showcases museum-quality pieces and breathtaking work from well-known and emerging artists. With knowledgeable staff on hand, appreciate an eye-opening experience that isn’t to be missed.    

Enjoy a Show at the Arts Club

The Arts Club Theatre Company is the largest in Western Canada, captivating audiences with a wide range of acclaimed productions. The Stanley Industrial Allegiance Stage in South Granville is the company’s flagship venue. Its elegant stage features all the classic West End or Broadway theatre hallmarks, providing a worthwhile spectacle before the show has even started! From comedy to drama, adaptations to originals, you’re sure to be entertained by all that a live theatre performance has to offer.

Browse Designer Boutiques

South Granville houses some of the finest boutiques in Vancouver if you’re looking for some retail therapy. With a number of shops selling vintage clothes, urban streetwear, and all the latest trends, it’s a neighborhood straight off the runways of Paris or Milan. Some of the most notable stores include Ashia Mode where is the home of the most adored, admired, and timeless designers. On the way, don’t miss to visit Boboli which is a luxury boutique that carries an exquisite collection of women’s clothing and accessories. Lastly, one of the must-see authentic boutiques is Turnabout

Taste West Coast Fare with European Flare and Amazing Cocktails at Marquis Bar & Grill

Of course, we couldn’t share the best of South Granville without mentioning our own fine dining and cocktail experience. At The Marquis, you can quench the thirst acquired from an afternoon in South Granville with tipples for any taste. Enjoy a glass or two of our renowned cocktails, local ales, an extensive range of specially selected wines.

Our gourmet menu of appetizers and mains specializes in European cuisine made with West Coast style. That’s why we’re a foodie’s favorite local spot. Make a booking for the perfect way to end a South Granville day.  

The fresh take of our signature Old Fashioned

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Chilled and Dry

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How to mix the classic Old Fashioned

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Meet the michelin chef and taste his menu

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Event Information

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NY-style Steakhouse in Santa Clara

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The original NY striploin

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[bp_quote author=”–  Soumeet Lanka” text=”“ There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face. ” ” position=”overlapright” alignment=”left” background_color=”transparent” border_color=”transparent”][/bp_quote]

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Totally worth coming back again

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Our sous chef Martin Patrick from Ledbury

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From kitchen to kitchen

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Fresh Experience in London

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New menu inspired by the cold north

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The art of cooking at home

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[bp_quote author=”” text=”I still cook at home. A lot of chefs I think don’t cook at home. But I still do, I love cooking at home, I love having friends.” style=”border” quote_font=”custom_b”][/bp_quote]

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A Lesson from the Kitchen of Gordon

Mauris sit amet egestas massa. Donec sit amet nunc scelerisque, pretium urna in, consectetur erat. Cras nec consequat est, vel sodales sem. Praesent eu enim non mauris elementum convallis at nec sem. Vestibulum id justo et arcu malesuada venenatis. Integer magna sem, viverra nec dictum et, vestibulum a tellus. Vivamus semper at metus dapibus commodo. Suspendisse eget semper nunc. In nisi elit, blandit a ex nec, dapibus blandit quam.

Gordon : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas egestas a eros fringilla venenatis. Etiam vulputate turpis turpis, ut molestie ipsum tempor at. Phasellus lobortis neque sed fermentum aliquam. Quisque id tristique sapien. Pellentesque et nulla ipsum.

Me : Nulla at ligula a sapien ultrices fringilla eu ut nibh. Nulla facilisi. Praesent ut tincidunt felis. Donec non tortor eget massa euismod porta dapibus in purus. Duis hendrerit mi vel ligula sodales pharetra. Nam lacinia risus porta ipsum lobortis consectetur.

Gordon : Vivamus mauris risus, vehicula eget neque vel, ullamcorper tincidunt lorem. Pellentesque feugiat vel lectus ac tempus. Integer posuere lacus ac magna convallis suscipit. Morbi vitae velit porta, elementum erat vel, aliquam quam. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Donec mollis vitae erat a volutpat. Praesent nibh leo, placerat nec magna quis, efficitur volutpat magna.

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