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Angels in America

Sept 15-Oct 7


Witness the soaring conclusion to the acclaimed play that asks us what we do for those we love. Perestroika is a revolution against the politics and prejudice in the 1980s as the AIDS epidemic rages on, and the characters wrestle with their ideologies and an angel looking for an answer. In the centre of it all is Prior Walter, a man in a world of peril who chooses to live in his light.

“Funny, heartbreaking, poetic, and knowing” —Variety

Available with the Stanley Series

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King Charles III

October 19 – November 19, 2017


His time has finally come. The queen is dead and Charles ascends the throne, at last. But is he ready for the monarchy or anarchy? When a single decision jeopardizes the trust of the prime minister and the people, revolt against the crown isn’t far behind—and Kate and William are always one step away, vying for their shot. This inventive story of a king under pressure is a clever imagining of a future not yet written.

“Flat-out brilliant portrait of a monarchy in crisis” —The New York Times

Available with the Stanley Series

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Beauty and the Beast

December 7, 2017 – January 7, 2018


“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” Can Belle teach the Beast to love, before it is too late? Discover the magic behind the castle walls in this brilliant adaptation of the Academy Award–winning animated film. This beloved fairy-tale spectacle will thrill you with its show-stopping musical numbers, astonishing sets, and lavish costumes.

“A holiday hit for the whole family” —Vancouver Sun

Available as a season ticket add-on

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January 25 – February 25, 2018


Four actors, a director, a playwright, and one grand dream of Broadway-bound success. Anything from a forgotten line to a faulty wig may just make or break their new Canadian play. Can this motley crew set aside their egos and anxieties in order to make it to the big time? Find out in this raucous comedythat celebrates the ups and downs of life in the theatre.

“The happiest case of stage fright I have ever encountered” —The New York Post

Available with the Stanley Series

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The Humans

March 22 – April 22, 2018


When three generations of the Blake clan descend on a rundown lower Manhattan duplex for Thanksgiving dinner, much more is simmering than the gravy. As the holiday gaiety subsides, the pressures weighing on the family members reach a boiling point. Both bitingly funny and poignant, this 2016 Tony Award winner is a richly detailed, compassionate portrait of an ordinary family at odds, with itself and with the uncertainties of life, amidst a changing America.

“Funny, mournful, richly detailed, and deeply humane” —The Guardian

Available with the Stanley Series

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Mamma Mia!

May 10 – July 8, 2018


An island paradise in Greece sets the stage for the ultimate feel-good show! A daughter’s quest to find her biological father before her wedding brings together three men from her mother’s past. Who will walk her down the aisle ? Will she find out before saying “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”? Filled with ABBA hits like “Dancing Queen,” “The Winner Takes It All,” and “S.O.S.,” this uproarious and fun-loving musical will have you dancing in your seat!

“Completely uncynical and consistently compelling—it’s the perfect show” —The Guardian

Available with the Stanley Series

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The Christians by Lucas Hnath

Sept 15-Oct 7

With one sentence Paul overturns one of the most sacred tenets of his church’s beliefs, sending his congregation reeling towards schism. As they grapple with the mysteries of faith, certainty, and what happens after we die, they must also face the reality of loving those whose beliefs have made them into sudden strangers.

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The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh

Oct 19-Nov 11

Brothers Coleman and Valene can’t seem to co-exist without sudden outbreaks of violence over the pettiest concerns. When their doubt-ridden parish priest attempts to bring reconciliation, their confessions quickly turn from earnest offerings into weapons in a hilarious and dark race to the bottom.

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Written on the Heart by David Edgar

Oct 29th at 2pm

Across an 80 year divide, two men work to translate the Bible into English, confronting death and reaching for power. A one-night-only reading of the historical drama about the formation of the King James Bible, originally commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and presented to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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Almost, Maine by John Cariani

Nov 24-Dec 16

The midwinter night is cold and clear as the northern lights dance above: it’s the perfect night to fall into, or out of, love. A charming, almost-magical tapestry of the joys and perils of romance, set in one night in a small town in Maine.

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Christmas Presence

Dec 19-23

Pacific Theatre’s favourite holiday tradition: an all-you-can-eat feast of music and stories for the holidays featuring our favourite local musicians. 

Featuring the likes of Ron Reed, Carolyn Arends, The Tourist Company, Nelson Boschman, Peter La Grand, The Kwerks, Michael Hart, Garth Bowen, Zaac Pick, and more.

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Ruined by Lynn Nottage

Jan 26-Feb 17

Mama Nadi’s bar both protects and profits off the bodies of the women who have become casualties of a long and brutal civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She ensures survival by catering to both sides of the conflict, but how long can she keep the war outside her walls?

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An Almost Holy Picture by Heather McDonald

Feb 21-Mar 3

Samuel Gentle has heard God’s voice three times in his life, but he has yet to find understanding or peace. Still, he cannot seem to leave behind this quiet, yet persistent, quest for solace and meaning as he seeks to reconcile tragedy with faith in the divine.

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Bar Mitzvah Boy by Mark Leiren-Young

Mar 23-Apr 14

Joey is a successful lawyer who is used to things going his way. When he suddenly decides he needs a bar mitzvah he doesn’t expect to have to wait, or take classes. What begins as a simple item on his to-do list becomes a deep immersion in the necessity of faith, and the meaning behind rituals.

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Sideshow Comedy Improv

Apr 20 & 21

Pacific Theatre’s annual romp into improv comedy! We gather all our favourite improv artists from around town for a night of family-friendly improv comedy.

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Tolkien by Ron Reed

May 11-June 9

Legends in wait, the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth may never have come to be were it not for an unlikely friendship between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Over thirty years they pushed each others’ imaginations, faith, and curiosity, growing together – and eventually growing apart.

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